Poly Energy Semiconductor Co.,Ltd
2004  Start by Silicon Material and Ingot growing in china.(20persons)- For PV Solar Industry .
First China Silicon Mono Crystal Ingot Maker: Export to Germany Solar Wafer Company for
6.5 inch ingot.
Registered Capital usd 200,000.00
2005  6inch, 6.5inch,8inch Mono Crystal Ingot P type 100 (40 persons)- For PV Solar Industry.
First China Silicon Mono Crystal Ingot Maker:Export to Germnay Solar Wafer Company for
8inch ingot.
2006  6inch Mono Crystal ingot P type 100 (45 persons) For Semiconductor.
2007  Start to Grow N type Ingot by 111 and 100 (60 persons) For Semiconductor.
      Produce Semiconductor Grade Wafer for 2inch, 3inch ,4inch , 5inch and 6inch. With doping
and undoping.  Service for LED, tester wafers.
2008  For Semiconductor: upper the capacity of 2inch,3inch,4inch ,5inch and 6inch wafer.
Start to wafer Polish (70 persons),For Semiconductor, and Optical Industry.
Registered Capital up to usd 500,000.00
2009  Start to Import Znse Material from Russia and USA. (chemical-method) and start to grow znse-material by physical-method in china. (70 persons)

2010  For Semiconductor : Build a semi-grade clean room for wafers-polish process in china by   
USA reclaim-wafer-grade.. Mainly Polish for 2inch, 3inch , 4inch , 5inch and 6inch.
Start to make Znse Product in Polish and Coating. (70persons)
2012  Start to investment PV Solar Station.
2014  Start to Co2 project investment. And instruction electronic network project from china-
local Gov.
      Registered Capital up to usd 1,000,000.00

2015  Start to Supply Silica Powder,ingot,and part ,use in Silica Fiber industry, and Target industry.

2017  Success get the Very Higher Purity Silica Material from Mineral Material by self-tech. help customers to get more Higher Purity and more Easy in next Process.

 We are very strong in Silicon-Ingot Growing, Silicon wafers for 2inch, 3inch, 4inch ,5inch and 6inch. With Doping and Undoping, P and N type.  Also investment in PV Electronic System Project In china.